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Town Press Releases

PFAS detected in Town of Keenesburg drinking water

In 2020 the Town of Keenesburg volunteered to participate in PFAS testing by CDPHE in a water sampling project. The testing results for the Town of Keenesburg were posted on the CDPHE’s 2020 water testing project. The report showed the State tested for PFBS, PFOA, and PFOS. The test results for entry point one for Keenesburg water showed PFOS at 8.3 parts per trillion (ppt); PFOA, 4.5 ppt; and PFBS, 4.7 ppt.  Entry point two, PFOS, 6.2 ppt; PFOA, 3.5 ppt; PFBS, 3.5 ppt.  CDPHE suggested the Town apply for a grant to test all of the town’s wells.  This grant was awarded, and the Town is on the CDPHE’s contractors list for testing. Although, due to low levels of PFAS in Keenesburg’s drinking water, other water districts with higher PFAS levels are ahead of us for testing.  The Town of Keenesburg has been working closely with CDPHE to comply with all potential public health notifications and currently has not received direction from CDPHE to announce a public health notification.  Both CDPHE and EPA are not suggesting that the public does not drink the water but are putting together standards for public health notifications for PFAS levels at this time. It’s important to know that a simple carbon filter in your refrigerator or on your water tap will remove PFAS from the drinking water; under the sink, household RO systems will also remove PFAS.  The Town of Keenesburg offers its citizens carbon filters at a reduced price that can be purchased at Town Hall for $4 per filter. If you have any questions, you can contact the Public Works Director or the Town’s ORC, Wayne Ramey with Ramey Environmental Compliance Inc., at 303-833-5505.  
To view results for all water districts, please visit the CDPHE website: 2020 PFAS Sampling Project - Drinking water system results