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If  you have a desire to serve your fellow residents, please plan to run for office at the upcoming regular municipal election that will be held on Tuesday, November 5, 2024.  We will be holding an Election Orientation session to help you navigate through the required petition and election process.  There will be openings for five (5) Trustee positions. Three (3) four-year terms, and two (2) two year-terms.

Electors eligible to hold municipal office; Registered electors shall reside in the municipality for a period of at least twelve consecutive months and eighteen years of age or older on the date of the election. 

When: July 31, 2024, at 6:00 PM Where: Meeting Hall, 140 S. Main Street

  • Nuts and Bolts-Current Developments/Status

~Vista West, Cedar Street - 119 single-family homes

~Summerfield North, at Woodward and CR 59,  190 single-family homes, 73 multi-family,  Subdivision Improvement Agreement approved and signed by Trustees

~Summerfield South, CR 59-503 single family homes (no final plat at this time)

~Pioneer/Fruition Annexation at CR49/CR22 –Approved by Trustees.  Awaiting Final Plat Public Hearings with Planning Commission and Board of Trustees.  Phase 1 calls for a 1, 15 year build-out for 3,339 residential units.

~Homeplace-Annexation and Zoning Applications received. Town Staff is currently reviewing the application.

  • Digging up Keenesburg

Vista West, the new development underway on Cedar Street, has been excavated to  great depth, mixed, refilled, and packed, by the builder, Richmond Homes.  Why these mole-like tendencies?  They have good reason:  Colorado’s most significant geologic hazard is expansive, or swelling soils.  The land around Keenesburg, like many of the populated areas of Colorado, has soils laced with layers of bentonite and montmorillonite (weathered volcanic ash).  These clays can expand up to 20% by volume when exposed to water, and exert a force of up to 30,000 lbs. per square foot on any structure, roads, buildings, pipelines built on them.  The builders are taking care to excavate and remix the soils, repacking it, and hydrating it to reduce undue shrinking/expansion.  So, in spite of the dust that fills your driveway whenever we have a west wind, it is a good thing for future residents.

  • (See A Guide to Swelling Soils for Colorado Homebuyers and Homeowners, a free publication from the Colorado Geological Survey, Special Publication 43)


  • New Sidewalks
New walkways, paid for by a Weld County Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) of $212,000, were installed on Woodward, Ash, Stewart, and Gandy this spring.  Wider sidewalks and ADA compliant ramps now connect neighborhoods with high concentrations of seniors residents within town limits to Main Street.  The Town has budgeted $375, 000, for further improvements in 2024. 
  • Bustang/Outrider Bus Service
    The Colorado Department of Transportation’s Interregional Express (IX) bus service connects commuters along the I-25 Front Range and I-70 Mountain Corridors. By linking major local transit systems together, the Bustang service responds to demand from the traveling public to have a reliable transit alternative along the highest-traveled corridors in the state.
  • Be Aware!
Don't fall for scammers!  Public Works Town employees will always be wearing a Town of Keenesburg badge when making a service call. Public Works will never go to your property after hours unless requested by the resident for any water-related issue. Be aware of impostures and notify the Police of any suspicious activity.  Town employees are listed here.