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Business License Application

Chapter 6 Business Licenses and Regulations 

Sec. 6-1-10. Purpose.

The purpose of this Article is the regulation and registration of businesses operating within the Town for the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the Town and for the proper collection of taxes to support of the Town. (Ord. 1-98, 1998, §1)

Sec. 6-1-20. License required.

Every person must obtain a license from the Town before operating, conducting or carrying on any retail trade, profession or business within the Town; except that nonprofit state corporations, excluding federal, state or municipal corporations, are hereby exempt from the license requirements set forth in this Article. (Ord. 1-98, 1998, §1)

Sec. 6-1-30. Separate license for each location.

Any person operating, conducting or carrying on any retail trade, profession or business within the Town must obtain a separate license for each location of such trade, profession or business. (Ord. 1-98, 1998, §1)

Sec. 6-1-40. License application.

An application for a business license shall be made to the Town Clerk on forms provided by the Town. Every applicant shall state under oath or affirmation such facts as may be required for the granting of such license. It is unlawful for any person to make any false statement or misrepresentation in connection with any application for a license. (Ord. 1-98, 1998, §1)

Sec. 6-1-50. License fees.

(a)    Every person required to be licensed by the provisions of this Article, including persons operating a home occupation, as defined by Paragraph 16-1-70(39) of this Code, shall pay a fee for every license, the amount of which shall be set by the Board of Trustees from time to time by resolution unless specified otherwise in this Code or any other ordinance.
(b)   Before granting the license, the fee required for the license must be paid at the office of the Town Clerk.
(Ord. 1-98, 1998, §1, Ord. 2008-06, §1)

Sec. 6-1-60. Issuance.

Upon receipt of the required fee and compliance with Section 6-1-40, the Town Clerk will issue a license that indicates that the license tax has been paid for the specified year.  (Ord. 1-98, 1998, §1)

Sec. 6-1-70. License nontransferable.

No license issued under the provisions of this Article shall be transferable from person to person or place to place.
(Ord. 1-98, 1998, §1)

Sec. 6-1-80. Period of license.

All licenses shall expire on January 1 of each calendar year.  (Ord. 1-98, 1998, §1)

If you are not a business within town limits and would like your business on Keenesburg's website, please complete the application and return to Town Hall at 91 W Broadway Ave, or mail with payment of $15.00 to PO Box 312, Keenesburg, CO  80643.