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Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for water, sewer, parks, and streets in the town's limits. The department takes great strides in providing the town with quick response and well-maintained parks and services.

If you have questions regarding town utilities, or if you have an emergency related to water, wastewater, parks, or streets, please call Town Hall. For after-hours emergencies, please call Public Works on-call line at 720-753-8209.


The Town of Keenesburg has 3 parks that are maintained by the Public Works Department.


The Public Works Department operates and maintains the town's wastewater treatment facility and infrastructure.


Each year the town tries to budget enough money to repair a portion of its streets.


The Town supplies and treats water from 6 wells.

Utility Billing

The front office prepares the monthly utility billing while the Public Works Department reads the water usage and maintains meters. 

Public Works Physical Address
400 S. Lambert St.
Shop Phone #: 303-732-1053

Contact Us
Mark Gray, Public Works Director